Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blogging on blogging

Long time no blog.

I've mentioned before that I have mixed feelings about blogs. Everyone seems to have them. The reasons folks have them is probably as varied as the individual themselves. I have been truly blessed by the blogs my friends keep. I love hearing about the maturation of their babies. I love seeing and enjoying my friends' senses of humor and I especially love to see the power and love of God flowing in and through them.

I have struggled internally for awhile about what I should do with my blog. I have as much mama pride as the next mom but felt like the mama bragging I want to do is, well, bragging. After all, my child is truly exceptional and overwhelmingly adorable ;) (Please read with humorous, sarcastic tone.)

But recently I've really been seeking the LORD's will in my life. Specifically, I prayed this prayer, "LORD, what should I do with my time, my energy, and all my resources (mental, emotional, and physical)? He hasn't given me His answer in entirety but He has told me where to start.

I am to pour out what He has poured in. It might be helpful if you read 2 Kings 4:1-6.

A poor widow was instructed by Elisha to collect as many empty vessels from her neighbors as possible and pour her oil into them. Her little bit of oil flowed and flowed until all the vessels she had collected were full. (Empty jars represent people, oil represents the Holy Spirit.) The fullness of God comes into our lives not by hoarding what He has given us (spiritually and materially) but rather by pouring it out. I can have all the quite times in the world and have the most wonderful times of filling from Him but Scripture, over and over is clear, we have been filled so that we may be poured out. As my pastor would say, "Blessed to be a blessing."

So, long story short, be on the lookout for more posts soon. I have a list of topics running right now. With God's power and help, through blogging, I hope to pour out into the emptiness what He has poured in and in so doing, greatly glorify Him.