Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween - Epic Fail

I'm thinking of my friend Gillian as I type this. I know she of all people will appreciate the epic proportion of failure we achieved this Halloween.

You know how you picture things in your mind and then when they flesh out into reality they never quite measure up. Well, that would be this halloween.

William was a monkey, or as he would say, "an unkey". You can't tell it here but William's running a fever.

So, while I was shopping (online) for costumes I saw this really cute banana costume for dogs. How perfect, right? We have a teeny-tiny dog so I thought this would be so precious. Here's the best picture I got of just William and his banana.

Mama tries to help out so we can get a good pic. No go. Seriously, this kid will not look at the camera.

I mentioned William had a fever. He's been sick all week. Against my and Jeremy's better judgment we thought it might be OK to just go knock on a couple doors of the neighbors we know. I mean, Halloween is only once a year and we had this costume and everything... Here he is with our neighbor-friend, Shirley. She was passing out whole candy bars! At this point I went back to our house to pass out candy and the plan was for Jeremy to take William to a couple more houses.

I wish I had photographic evidence of what happened next. About 10 minutes later I answer the door to  some trick-or-treaters and there is Jeremy and my little monkey with more trick than treat. William had thrown up all over Jeremy, all over himself and all in his candy bucket. His candy was completely slimed! It was gross. I think we might just burn that costume.

Off to a bubble bath and into skeleton pajamas, an annual tradition. Here's my smiley skeleton. Hard to believe this little dude is sick. I'd say he's faking but I have some strong (smelling) evidence to the contrary.

 For a little fun I thought I would do a little reminiscing. Here's William in skeleton pajamas from the past couple years. It is hard to believe how much and how fast he has grown.

2010                                                                                                        2011