Tuesday, September 6, 2011

William Takes the Cake

The title is literal. My last blog post was so depressing I thought I would
throw in a little levity. Keeping up with an almost two year old can be pretty challenging. They're smarter than they let on.

The trouble started when William was able to open the fridge by himself for the first time last week. I was kinda impressed. That door is hard to open but I also knew I was in trouble. William loves to be in the fridge. Literally. He tries to climb in and shut the door. We've been having some A/C problems lately but I didn't think it was that warm in the house.

So the other morning, while attempting to get some house cleaning done, I left William sitting on the couch happily watching cartoons and playing Angry Birds. I vacuumed one room and came back to check on him and this is what I found:

William helping himself to a little liquid refreshment. But wait, what is that on his mouth and forehead?

That would be chocolate.

William pulled down a sealed container of cupcakes and helped himself. Now mind you, we had just finished breakfast about a half-hour earlier. He normally eats 2 scrabbled eggs and a piece of toast with milk. How he could even be hungry I don't know. Then, I found this sitting on the table. Guess he wasn't really hungry, he just needed his chocolate fix.

Luckily, I caught him before he spread the path of destruction too far. Thus, we have affectionately nicknamed him, William the Destroyer.

A word of warning to my friends: If we come over to your house for any reason, hide your chocolate!