Monday, February 28, 2011

Little Mister

Things are slowing returning to normal around our house. Jeremy went back to work today. It was kinda strange this morning with just me and William. We've been enjoying some good quality time with Jeremy.

Friday evening we took William to his first movie in a theatre. He loves to watch movies at home. I figured it would go really well or be a somewhat expensive experiment. On a side note, when did movie tickets go up to $9.75? Sheesh! We really splurged and got popcorn and a diet coke. William sat in his seat like a big boy and ate his popcorn. He was so funny to watch watching the movie. He got a little squirmy at the end but did really well.

I realized the other day that I haven't taken many pictures of him lately so I busted out the ole' Canon Rebel and shot a few pics:

Don't ask me why but William loves to squat down like this. This is a pretty classic William pose.

William loves this little bridge in front of the house. He also really loves sticks...and rocks. All boy.

Another thing William is really into right now is pillows. I have to confess he must have gotten this from me. I too love pillows! The more the better! This is actually from this morning. I had washed the sheets and was re-making the bed. William thought this was a fantastic opportunity to enjoy himself some pillows.

He's a silly boy but I love him.

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