Monday, October 10, 2011

William turns two!

Saturday we celebrated William's second birthday.

He woke up that morning to a room filled with balloons. I gotta be honest. This was my favorite part of the day. William is in love with balloons. He was so excited to see all these in his room. He ran through them, kicked them, threw them in the air. It was a really great memory. In the background you can see the new big boy bed we got him for his birthday. There are little doors on the bottom that open up. Its a great place for William to play and to store toys. He seems to love it and I'm really pleased with it too.

We carried the balloon theme downstairs and decorated the ceiling with them.

I got one of those little helium tanks from Walmart and made balloon bouquet, which he carried around everywhere.

At the party he did a little bouncing and sliding.

Jeremy enjoyed some sliding too. Though there is no photo evidence, I went down the slide a couple times myself. It was pretty fun.

We knocked the stuffing out of a piƱata...

And then William had to make sure we had gotten all the candy out...

Here he is getting his birthday spankings from Papa Robert.

Inspecting his cake. Another favorite right now is M&M's.

 Opening presents

Enjoying his favorite present, a shopping cart. Wally, however, is not so sure about this new gift.

Happy birthday, William! Mommy and Daddy love you and cannot imagine life without you.

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  1. So fun!! Love all the balloons in his room