Monday, April 9, 2012

All Dressed Up And No Bunny To See

I seriously have so much to do this morning the absolute last thing I need to be doing is updating this blog but that stuff is just so much less fun.

So, a couple weeks ago I got William all dressed up in his Easter outfit to go see the Easter bunny. I checked the schedule before leaving the house because its quite a trip for us to this particular mall.

I excitedly walk William to the designated area and guess what, no bunny! His chair and all the Easter decor was there but there was no bunny to be found.

Perhaps he's taking a break or an early lunch I thought to myself. So William and I decided to kill a little time by riding the carousel....

My baby is growing into a little boy right before my eyes.

Mid-ride William decided he wanted to ride a horse. I'm pretty sure moving about is against the rules or at least frowned upon while the ride is moving but I didn't want to have to pay to ride again and I thought him sitting on the horse would be a cute photo pop.

He was really more interested in how the thing worked and a bit trepidatious with the horse going up and down and the ride going around and round.

"Whoa, horsey!"

"Hmmm, how does this work?"

No smiles on this ride.

After the carousel we watched some kids run around like hampers in plastic balls inflated in a pool of water. No photos but I'm sure you've seen these things. They actually look like a lot of fun. Maybe we'll do that next time.

We grabbed some fries and a drink, people watched and then went back to check for the bunny. Again, no bunny.  William was quickly tiring of the mall at this point so we packed up and went back home literally fulfilling the saying of being all dressed up and having no where to go...

I have some fun photos of our Easter weekend but those'll have to wait. The dishes in my sink are screaming to be done. Hope you see you again real soon!

P.S. I'm so glad I did get these photos of William in his Easter outfit because he was not cooperative on Easter morning for the obligatory family shots. But more on that later. :)

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