Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fourth of July

Whoa! Was my last post really in April? Sorry about that folks. 

So...Fourth of July. Jeremy and I used to love to run together. Then we had a kid. William will be three in October so I thought that this might be a good time to introduce him to the love of running. I crazily thought my 2.75 year old could handle a family fun run. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Sheesh!

Early Wednesday morning we all got up, put on our running shoes and headed down to Lost Creek Park for a fun run. Jeremy actually ran the 5k while William and I hung out on the playground. What a perfect opportunity, I thought, for some cute pre-race pics. Wrong.

So, here are my pre-race pics of William.  Me: "William, say cheese!" William: "Ugh! Ugh!" (He wanted the phone)

Me: "William! Smile for Mommy! Say cheese!" William: "Uggghh! [insert scratch] ugh!"

Me: "William David! Smile for Mommy!" William: "Uugh ugh usgh!"

Dang! No cute pre-race photo. Man. Kids start getting their own mind early.

Daddy finished his race and now on to the family run/walk.

Here we are heading to the starting line. See that guy in the blue shirt. That's Jeremy trying to lure William to the line. 

 So, we started out pretty good. William and I went along like this for about, ummm, 25 feet or so.

William: "Hold!" Me: "What? You want me to hold your water?"

Me: "Oh! you want me to hold you." Crazy mom. We did 1.5 miles like this. I kid you not. This little dude was not into walking at all. I'd put him down and encouraged him to walk and he would lay down. For real. He would drop to the pavement and lay down. So, I picked him up and walked on.

I always wondered how far I could carry William.  And now I know, at least 1.5 miles. I know there is some great spiritual truth in this but to be honest, I'm too tired to think about it right now. :)

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