Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Great Adventure

Anyone like an adventure? I don't mean on TV but in real life. Anyone like the excitement of getting just a little lost and then the joy and satisfaction (and relief) of finding your way again? I do. I love adventure. I like in movies, I like it in books and I love it in real life!

Jeremy and I are about to embark on a great adventure. Some of you might think we are crazy. That's OK. We are, but we also know we are in great Hands.

Big announcement: We're moving!

This moving involves the end of one season and the beginning of another. If you have a few minutes I'd love to tell you about it.

A couple months ago, Jeremy and I both began to sense that our times as a CARES Team was coming to an end. In the beginning we had committed to serve two years. At the two year mark we decided to just keep on keeping on. Soon after, God began working in both of us but we didn't know what the next step should be. We didn't feel like we were ready to buy a house, we didn't want to lease a house and we (I) really didn't want to move into another apartment. Quite the conundrum to be sure...

And then the phone rang (insert dramatic music here.) It was my ex-boss. I had done quite a bit of house/dog/kid sitting for him in the past. They were moving out of state but their house here hadn't sold. They didn't want it to just sit vacant and so he wanted to know if Jeremy and I would be willing to live in it until it sold. They didn't want to lease it out and take a chance on getting bad tenants. He said they knew us, trusted us and wanted us to live in their house. Our "rent" would be taking care of the house and yard and being willing to make the home available to show.

Now let me tell you friends, this is a beautiful house. From the first moment I stepped foot into this house I loved, loved, loved it! It is a dream house. A dream so big that it was/is completely out of reach for Jeremy and me. In our entire lives we would never be able to afford such a house. Every time I stayed there I would always say to myself and sometimes to others, "This house was meant for ministry." I would often tell Jeremy, "Do you know how many ways we could serve the LORD in this house?"

And lo and behold if the LORD has not landed this house in our lap.

Jeremy and I were stunned by the goodness of the LORD. What a blessing! What lovingkindness! What benevolence! What a sense of humor! If this is house is any indication of the grandeur of our forever homes we have a treat in store for us!

Now, we fully realize that we're also taking a chance here. This home is still for sale. We could be there for 2 months or 12 months. Only GOD knows. But this I do know, we'll be serving HIM diligently for as long as we are there using this blessing to bless as many people as we possibly can.

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  1. This is so exciting Mindee! Can't wait to see the house. What an amazing blessing for sure!