Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, William!

On Saturday we celebrated William's first birthday with family. My baby is growing up too quickly. Wasn't it just a couple months ago we brought him home from the hospital? I'm no Einstein but I really believe the older one gets the faster time moves.

Here's our little man posing on his birthday. He was all dressed up for a Pray and Playdate. This is an awesome group one of my friends started. Moms and kids gather once a month. The kids play while the moms pray for their kids. We both really enjoy it. Our friend Gillian made William some cupcakes and we all sang Happy Birthday to him. He loved the attention.

The next day we had a family party at our house. William enjoying his birthday dinner. We had pizza, his favorite.

And cupcakes. He loved the icing! What kid doesn't? Heck, I love icing. I love it so much we had three different kinds, chocolate, cream cheese and caramel and I tried them all!

Family pic...
After cupcakes the kids got to hit on a pinata. William was not too sure about it. He did enjoy watching the bigger kids take a whack but was freaked out when the pinata actually broke and the kids made a dash for the candy. To be honest, they were like a pack of hyenas chasing a lame gazelle. Who knew the power of candy?

And then the presents! Oh my, the presents! It was like Christmas morning. He got toys and clothes, a tent and a rocker. Here's a snapshot of the haul.
All in all, a very good day. It was great to have all the family together but to be honest, I hope the second birthday doesn't arrive as fast as the first.

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  1. What a wonderful time for William! And when Lisa said last night about someone who could "eat a banana sideways" I immediately thought of your sweet son and his precious smile!! God gave that boy a great smile!