Monday, October 18, 2010

With a cluck cluck here and cluck cluck there...

William and I got to go to Dewberry Farms today along with some awesome ladies and their children from our church. I think, in Texas at least, October should be renamed Augtober. Seriously, it was HOT! Who knew? Besides having fun with William and our friends, I had another motive for going to Dewberry Farms - get a cute picture of William with pumpkins. I naively believed this would be no problem. William is usually so smiley, especially when you pull out a camera. Here are the best photos I was able to get.

We had just arrived and were standing in line to take a tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch.

William is playing with one of his favorite things: rocks. I constantly find rocks all over the house. He's easy to entertain, I'll give him that.

First prime photo opportunity: the "pumpkin patch." Really, this was just a plot of ground that they threw little pumpkins on. Here's how the dialogue went "William, look at Mama! William! Look at Mama! William! Look! at! Mama!" Did he look? Oh no. No he didn't.

So we moved on to the "petting zoo." It was a zoo but there was no petting. William loved the animals anyway.

He is trying to crawl into the pond to get to the ducks. "Duck", by the way, was William's first official word after "Dada."

Goats. Loved the goats. He wasn't the slightest bit afraid.

I love his left hand in this photo. "Whoa! A pig!"

William loved the horse. He was actually beating on this gate trying to get in.

And this led to the second, primo photo opportunity. I mean, this shot had it all, hay, barn, windmill, pumpkins, water, a willow tree, a beautiful sky. What more could I want? A kid that would smile would be nice...

This is the best shot I got. Seriously, the best one.

"Oh, a pumpkin.", he says to himself as I beg him to "Look at Mama!"
William loves the camera. He knows that little pictures show up on the back and that there are a lot of buttons to push. Here he is politely asking to see the camera.
Here, he is asking not so politely to see the camera.
Next, we moved on to a play area. William loves to play, especially if the play things have wheels.

After this our little group decided it would be a good time to cool off and have some lunch. We sat at little tables with umbrellas. After sitting down I decided I really didn't have the energy to go look at another thing so William and I hung out on a cool porch while the group took the kids off to explore some more.

The porch was great. It caught a little breeze and William loved walking up and down it.

Now he smiles...oh well. We had a great time with great friends. I would definitely go again however I think we'll wait until November to go next year.


  1. Cute pics! I concur with Augtober. Dude, it was hot. Thanks for sharing in the memories yesterday. It was fun!

  2. Yes, I third the Augtober renaming. Great memories were made, even if those memories were laden with sweat!Good post!

  3. I love his outfit! And that is the lamest pumpkin patch ever.