Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hail? Yes!

The Houston...unpredictable? Hail yes!

So Saturday we went to a class party at the beautiful home of Garth and Brandy Belue. A great time was being had by all. It was hot, as usual. Everyone was enjoying the pool. Then, all of a sudden, a huge storm cloud rolls in right on top of their house and down from the sky falls...hail. In the middle of the summer. Hail.

I quickly surveyed the skyline for Christ's triumphant return but He obviously wasn't coming back on this day.

William, however, loved the weather! Surprisingly, he was not afraid at all. He loved the rain and enjoyed playing in it.

Just after this photo was taken the thunder and lightening began and the party was quickly moved inside and the feasting began. We had so much delicious food! I'm still full.

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